Buy the Best 4 Post Car Lifts at Mechanic Superstore

If you’re in the market for a 4 post car lift, then you’ve come to the right place. Mechanic Superstore carries a variety of car lifts, including the Dannmar D4-12, GrandPrix GP-9F, Tuxedo FP12KK, and Atlas Garage Pro 9000. All of these car lifts are capable of lifting any vehicle up to 85”.

Dannmar D4-12

Mechanics and garage owners can benefit from purchasing a commercial-grade Dannmar D4-12 car lift from Mechanic Superstore. This lift features a 12,000 lb. lifting capacity and rugged durability. The lift also has built-in lubrication points. Mechanics can use this lift to increase parking capacity and make repairs more efficient.

A high-quality Dannmar D4-12 car lift will help you perform your maintenance and repair needs with confidence. Its 12,000-pound capacity will allow you to safely and effectively align large vehicles with a variety of parts. The Dannmar D4-12A also features a front turn plate and rear slip plate that offer a solid foundation for a secure and safe alignment. It is available in hydraulic and electric power options, adjustable height locking positions, and a rolling bridge jack for added convenience.

GrandPrix GP-9F

The GrandPrix GP-9F four post car lift is one of the most versatile and productive lifts available. It is ideal for storing your daily driver, classic cars, and project vehicles. In addition to its versatility, it includes essential accessories that most home car lift companies charge for separately. This lift is a great value and an excellent option for those looking to maximize their garage space.

This 7,000-lb. capacity four post car lift is manufactured to commercial standards, with sturdy components and industrial features to make it a safe investment. It also fits into small garages, with ceilings as low as nine feet! Mechanic Superstore is your best option for this lift. The GrandPrix GP-9F offers the benefits of a professional lift at an affordable price.

Atlas Garage Pro 9000

If you’re in the market for a new car lift, consider the Atlas Garage Pro 9000 four post car lift at Mechanic SuperStore. This lift has a robust eight thousand pound capacity and is competitively priced. The Atlas brand has been a trusted name in car lifts for over 35 years. With this model, you’ll get an excellent value for your money.

This car lift is 85 inches tall, making it ideal for parking taller vehicles under stored vehicles. It’s commercial-grade and portable, and comes standard with a 110-volt power unit. It’s perfect for race cars and wide-bodied duallys. It’s capable of lifting vehicles up to a ton. You can use this car lift to work on both your street and your race car.

BendPak HDS40

The BendPak HDS40 4 post car lift is the most popular and versatile lift in the automotive industry. It is built with superior durability and performance in mind. Its engineers take the time to pay attention to detail, so you can be confident the lift will be safe and reliable for years to come. You can get the car lift you need at Mechanic Superstore for a great price.

This four-post car lift requires an air supply of at least 30 psi and three CFM. This lift allows you to work on big vehicles with ease and safety. Its design includes ergonomic controls, massive sheaves, over-engineered components, and aircraft-grade cables. It is a great investment for any garage. The BendPak HDS40 4 post car lift is available for purchase at Mechanic Superstore.